We teach teachers how to improve student writing.

Most teachers can easily distinguish weak from effective writing, but often have few specific strategies to move students from point A to point B.

For the past 20 years, Empowering Writers has transformed instruction for over 100,000 educators by providing the training and resources to make them confident, skillful teachers of writing.

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Teachers are working really hard to teach writing, but most don’t have any formal training in “how to teach” writing, and therefore lack the confidence and tools they need to instruct it effectively. Think about it.

How many classroom teachers:

• have formal instruction in how to teach writing?

• can clearly define narrative, expository, opinion writing, and the salient skills of each genre?

• use a consistent approach and vocabulary that builds on student writing knowledge?

• know how to provide productive feedback to student writing?

• understand the reading/writing connection and use it as part of every reading experience?

The answer is not many and through no fault of their own. Teachers want to do a great job teaching writing they just lack the necessary knowledge to really move the needle.

The Solution

Teachers need to be able to provide specific feedback to students.
Write more …” means nothing!  First, teachers need to learn the basic foundational skills of all genres and then they can teach students how to apply those skills to the writing process.  Before you know it, student writing moves from random thoughts on a page to a fluent piece.

Empowering Writers’ approach to writing instruction provides a proven methodology that improves student writing.

Is there a particular part of writing instruction that you struggle with?  It’s likely we’ve heard it before and have a solution.  View our list of “Most Frequently Heard Problems in Writing Instruction”.

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Teaching Fundamentals

When teachers identify, then model, genre-specific writing skills and have students apply through guided practice, students begin to recognize the building blocks of effective writing.  They even begin to read differently, with more awareness of the ways in which authors apply these skills to their writing.  Additionally, teachers finally have a common productive language to apply  to the editing process.  The age old cue of “write more” …  now becomes powerful specific feedback!

Using strategies and applying skills to text

Emphasis on the reading/writing connection through close reading and the deconstruction of text not only improves comprehension, but provides students with the necessary skills to excel when responding to source texts in writing.  The benefits? Both comprehension and writing scores soar!


Managing a classroom of writers can be a challenge, to say the least!  Our proven researched based methodology is designed for the real-world classroom.

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How do we know it works?

The Application

Teachers, like any other skilled professional, need training and resources.  Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive writing program or a supplemental resource, Empowering Writers offers customizable options for your Professional Development needs.

For the past 20 years, Empowering Writers has provided award winning professional development and comprehensive teacher resources.
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Professional Development

Professional development is designed to maximize teacher learning by presenting comprehensive background knowledge on the discrete skills that contribute to effective writing, demonstrating the methodology, and familiarizing teachers with resource materials.

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Our K-8 resources provide comprehensive teacher background and objective-driven lessons in every genre while offering the foundation and vertical alignment for successful writing.

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Empowering Writers Online

Empowering Writers Online provides teachers with videos that help inform and implement instruction. These videos include real world examples of writing instruction in classrooms like yours.

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How To Get Started

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If you would like to connect with us, Empowering Writers provides schools and districts with a variety of ways to learn more about our approach to writing instruction.  We offer lunch events, free workshops, webinars, or school and district presentations.  CONTACT US

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Lunch and Learn 

Be our guest at lunch the next time we’re in your area.  Our lunch events are a great opportunity to hear from others using EW and learn more about improving student writing from Empowering Writers.


School and District Presentations

Whether it’s 1 to 1 or with your team, we will come to your school or district to discuss writing needs.


Seeing is believe!  Ask us about attending a workshop as our guest and find out why Empowering Writers’ workshops are the best professional learning in the industry.


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