Arkansas Workshops

Please feel free to contact these Education Service Cooperatives directly to inquire about registering.

Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative:

July 17th –  Narrative Writing 

July 18th –  Expository Writing

July 19th – Argumentative Writing

July 20th – K-1 Getting Ready to Write 


Crowley’s Ridge


DeQueen Mena Cooperative:

June 26th –  Expository Writing

June 27th – Narrative Writing

June 28th –  Argumentative Writing

June 30th – K-1

Great Rivers Cooperative:

​June 19th – K-1 Getting Ready to Write 

June 20th –  Narrative Writing

June 21st – Expository Writing

June 22nd –Argumentative Writing

Northeast Educational Cooperative

Northcentral Arkansas Education Service Center

June 6 – K-1

June 7 – Narrative

June 8 – Expository

June 9 – Argument

Northwest Education Service Cooperative:

July 11th –  Narrative

July 12th – Narrative

July 14th – Argument

Ozarks Unlimited Resources Educational Cooperative:

June 26th –  Expository Writing Grades 6-8

June 27th – Narrative Writing

June 28th – Expository Writing Grades 2-5 

June 29th – Argumentative Writing

June 30th –  K-1 Getting Ready to Write


South Central Education Cooperative:

July 25th –  Expository 2-5

July 26th –  Expository 6-8

July 27th –  Argumentative

July 28th –  Editing & Revising

Southeast Arkansas Education Service Cooperative:

June 13th –  Expository Writing

June 14th –  Narrative Writing

June 15th –  Argument Writing

June 16th –  K-1

Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative:

July 18th –  Expository Writing 

July 19th –  Narrative Writing 

July 20th –  Argumentative Writing

Future Dates & Locations:

Arch Ford Education Service Cooperative June 5, 6, 7 and 8th
Northeast Arkansas Education Cooperative June 20, 21, 22, July 10 and 11
Dawson Education Service Cooperative June 21 and June 22nd
Wilbur Mills Cooperative June 12th, 13th, July 12th, 13th, 14th