Kindergarten – 1st Gr. Writing Page

“At long last, teachers have a systematic, comprehensive approach to targeted techniques necessary for “good writing”, with even our youngest writers.”

 – Mary Beth Stickley, Director Early Childhood Department Bridgeport, CT

  1. Tired of writing materials that are not developmentally appropriate for your kindergarten and first grade authors?
  2. Are you always having to look for ways to modify kindergarten lesson plans for your students? 

We know that children in kindergarten and first grade span an extremely wide developmental range when it comes to writing.  In “Getting Ready To Write” we lay the groundwork for narrative writing  – through the strong reading-writing connection.  “Getting Ready To Write” covers the following concepts:


The activities in this book are designed to address the author in all of your students, regardless of where they may be on their developmental journey. Each activity can be used in a number of ways making them beneficial to students at all of these various stages. For complete details on Empowering Writers approach to kindergarten – 1st grade writing go to “Kindergarten-1st Grade Writing”.

For a look at a complimentary sample writing lesson from “Getting Ready To Write” CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW.