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Title One Schools Score Big

A Study of  64 Title One Schools in Two Districts



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Houston ISD

Lowest performing schools raised writing scores on state test an average of 11.3%(red = 2010, gold = 2009) 

Richland One:

Result #1
2011 Grade 5 students improved 18.8% over their 4th grade state test scores (compared to 2010 when Grade 5 students improved 1% over their 4th grade state test scores)
Result # 2
5th graders scored 8.6% higher on 2011 state test than 5th graders on 2010 state test.


Houston ISD
In 2008, Port Houston ES trained teachers in Empowering Writers narrative writing.  This elementary school was the first HISD school to fully implement Empowering Writers approach to writing instruction.  Teachers and specialists at the school applied the methodology and strategies and followed EW’s scope and sequence.
  • Grade pre-K through 6th
  • Population of the schools consists of 99%
    minority students.
  • Empowering Writers approach needed to
    complement HISD existing writing program
    “6+1 Traits of Writing”
  • Grades 2nd through 4th attended Empowering Writers Narrative Writing Workshop.

Results after 7 months

 – 100 % passing on TAKS (up from 82% in 2008)
  – increased commended performance by 52.9 %
      over the previous year
 – Recognized as a Texas Exemplary School System