EW Online

What is Empowering Writers Online?

Empowering Writers Online is a professional development resource that offers teachers full access to the information and tools necessary to improve student writing and reading proficiency.  Developed from years of professional coaching experience, EWO delivers pragmatic, how-to guidance to help teachers meet the demand for improved writing and reading skills and literacy achievement.

Check the list of “Most Frequently Heard Problems with Writing Instruction” for which EWO provides a solution.

Each of EW’s main teacher guides has a corresponding PD course.  As teachers move through the instruction in their manual, the video scope & sequence follows right along, throughout the year.

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EW Online empowers teachers with …

Teacher Background Videos – critical background knowledge on all genres of writing for the adult learner that will inform and improve their writing instruction.

Classroom Modeled Lessons – actual footage of key foundational skills being taught in the classroom so teachers can observe the lesson in action and watch how the instructor manages the lesson content as he/she moves through the lesson.

Coaching Segments – overviews, pacing and troubleshooting tips by EW Master Teachers, who will walk users through the Guides.

EW Online empowers students with …

Virtual Field Trips – videos designed to introduce students to the topic and provide valuable background information and vocabulary, in an engaging multi-sensory fashion, so that students will have a better knowledge base with which to approach the related reading and writing tasks.  Learn More

“Skill Power” –  power points designed for teachers to present a digital lesson plan to the whole class that introduces a new skill and provides clear instruction for students.  In this way, we can help guarantee there is consistent language used and students are presented with all the necessary information.

Animated Lessons –  engaging videos that introduce the main skills of narrative and expository writing to students.