Editing & Revising Activity Cards

Editing & Revising Activity Cards


 Product # (10-310C-00)

New supplemental product that will make using our “Editing, Revising and More”  Teacher’s Guide even easier!



Available in the United States  (English Only)




Editing and Revising Activity Cards for Grades 3 & 4 – Texas Edition 

This new supplemental aid will make implementing activities in the Texas Edition Editing, Revising and More Teacher’s Manuals for Grades 3 & 4 even easier.  The robust package contains 260 cards designed to take the work out of the many extended activities that are suggested throughout the teacher’s manuals.  Activity directions and cards include common and proper nouns, helping/linking verbs, plural rules, tricky words, comparative and superlative to name a few.  With these handy cards you’ll enhance your grammar lessons and create application opportunities through out your curriculum.


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