How do I create a quote?

Our Bookstore allows you to create a quote that is emailed to you. To produce a quote you need to go through the same process as you would to purchase a resource. This process does not place an order but simply creates a quote that is emailed to you.


Step 1:

Go to the Bookstore and choose your items.

 Step 2:

Add the items to your cart.


Step 3:

Go to your shopping cart and click “Proceed to Checkout”.


Step 4:

Fill out all of your information. Please provide your billing details and your shipping details.


Step 5:

At the bottom of the “Checkout” page you will find the option for Credit Card or Quote. Click “Quote” and then accept the Terms and Conditions and click “Place Order”.


Step 6:

Check your email. We have produced a quote for you that is emailed to the email address you have provided. (Reminder: Exclude the tax from your quote if you are tax exempt.)