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Empowering Writers' Teacher Resource Cheat Sheet

Wondering what guide best meets the needs of your school? This brief overview will help guide you through the selection process.  Keep in mind that fully detailed descriptions of all resources are in the bookstore and if for any reason you still have questions – please contact us!  We would be happy to help select the resource that best meets your instructional needs.

Look for the  pdf-download-image to download a preview of the teacher resource.

Expository, Opinion, Response to Text Writing Guide (Grade 3,4,5,6,7,8)

This guide covers all that The Comprehensive Expository and Opinion Writing does plus a whole a lot more! Updated and expanded to meet all the 21st century standards – specific lessons break response to text, research simulation and literary analysis tasks into manageable skills necessary for comprehensive, thorough responses.  Also includes research skills, note taking and how to cite textual evidence.  Two pacing charts are included: one for schools who intend to teach Expository/Opinion and Response to Text writing across the entire span of the school year, and another for schools that prefer to focus instruction over two eight-week units, one earlier in the year and one toward the end of the year.

This resource can be used as a “stand alone” writing approach or one that needs to supplement an existing writing resource.  If you currently have the Comprehensive Expository Writing Guide we have added many new lessons that apply these skills to Response to Text, literary analysis and research simulation tasks.  These new grade level specific guides are the go to resource for anyone interested in meeting the 21st century writing standards.


Comprehensive Narrative Guide (Grades 2-7)

This guide provides everything you need to be successful at teaching narrative and personal experience writing for Grades 2-7.

This is the perfect resource to use as a “stand alone” writing approach for Narrative instruction or one that needs to supplement an existing writing resource.  Conveniently divided by skills, each tabbed section provides numerous opportunities for practice and application. Activities to teach each skill in age appropriate ways are included for students of all ages.

pdf-download-image Preview Comprehensive Narrative Guide

Comprehensive Argumentative Writing Guide

This invaluable resource for middle school teachers covers 21st century standards.  This revised edition moves beyond applicable persuasive skills, offering authentic writing and research lessons to be used in all content areas.

If your middle school teachers need to teach argument this resource is the one you need. As with our other comprehensive guides it is conveniently divided by skills, each tabbed section provides numerous opportunities for practice and application.  Use as a “stand alone” guide or as a supplement to your existing argument writing resources.

pdf-download-image Preview Comprehensive Argumentative Writing Guide


Getting Ready to Write K-1 Resource

Offering a wide variety of lessons in narrative writing, informational and opinion writing, and basic research this is the guide that you need for kindergarten and first grade foundational concepts.  Organized in units that allow the teacher to select both the appropriate activities for the range of learners in the class and apply the activities to thematic material of their choice.

This book has clear objectives for k and 1, and includes detailed lesson plans for the teacher.  It’s perfect for setting the groundwork and creating opportunities for common language and assured experiences.  It will set the tone for students as they move into more challenging writing assignments.