What’s Happening In Education – October 2016

Teachable Moments – Writing Across the Curriculum

Date: September 20, 2016

Magazine: Scholastic

Article: How Will Pokemon Go Play Out?

Author: Jennifer Maring Walters

In this article How Will Pokemon Go Play Out, by Jennifer Marring Walters, the issue is raised as to the appropriateness of the game, Pokemon Go. Ms. Walters discusses the history of the game and reveals that it is considered the most successful mobile game of all time currently being played worldwide.

This easy-to- read article will capture students’ interest while introducing the terms “pro” and “con.”   In order to maximize instructional time Empowering Writers encourages teachers to create these “teachable moments” where, in a brush stroke, students are learning the language they will eventually apply to an opinion or argument written task. An important foundational skill of this genre involves  learning to think about the pros and cons of any situation.  As the class reads the article the students can share reasons why Pokemon Go is or is not an appropriate game for students. Teachers can chart the reasons they find in a column under the word “pro or con.” Students can also underline reasons they consider to be pro with a green colored pencil and underline the reasons that they consider to be con with a red colored pencil. After the class has analyzed the article, students can suggest other pros and cons they have thought of and add those to the class list.  Additional opportunities to analyze issues can be found in the Empowering Writers Argumentative Guide.